Thursday, May 12, 2016

Acapulco promotional campaign planned for summer vacation

Acapulco.- Municipal authorities will design a new promotional campaign to increase the number of tourists during the summer holiday period to this beach destination.
The mayor Evodius Aguirre Velazquez said he will travel to Mexico City to speak with union leaders, delegates and head of Government, Miguel Angel Mancera, who will present the campaign and start active promotion of Acapulco before the summer vacation season. he argued that Acapulco is repositioning touristically, making it as representative of the municipality touch doors to undertake this campaign promotion. he commented that this campaign will also submit it to the governor Héctor Astudillo to propel a coordinated manner. he added that Acapulco already have reservations for the summer vacation season, however it should strengthen tourism promotion for a successful period, as happened New year's Eve, Easter and long weekends. Evodius Velázquez added that the advertising campaign will be with municipal resources, but seek to encourage the state and the Federation to be made ​​jointly and have a broader impac - 

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